American Wings Air Museum Association Membership Form


  We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining the American Wings Air Museum efforts to find, restore and preserve the delicate heritage of America's military support aircraft. We are a recognized non-profit, historical association, and your annual dues and personal involvement are critical to helping us fulfill our stated mission. 

Individuals (annual)
Families (annual)
Silver Level (5 year)
Gold Level (10 year)


Name: _______________________________  Telephone: __________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________ 

Apt. # _____________________

City: ______________________________ State: ______ Zip (or Postal code): ____________

Or, country and mail code: ____________________    _____________

Are you a licensed pilot? Yes  No  License/Ratings: ______________    ______________

TT in Fixed Wing or Other A/C ________________________________________

Do you own an aircraft? Yes   No  Type: ________________________ N: ______________ 

Or, what type of aircraft do you usually fly? ________________________________________

Were you a pilot in the military? Yes  No  Branch? __________________________________

Unit(s) served in: (Include dates, locations, and call signs) _________________________________________________________________________


If you are willing & able to volunteer time to support American Wing's efforts
What are your primary interests in the area of flying?   Commercial    Warbirds
Other:  ____________________

(Please note any comments on the reverse of this form)

Please enclose your personal check or money order, payable to American Wings Air Museum, and mail with this application to: American Wings Air Museum Association, PO Box 49322, Blaine MN 55449-0322

A.W.A.M.A. Board of Directors

Signature:______________________________________ Date:________________


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