12 Mar 2018

The 5 Most Popular Destinations This Year

Top Travel Destinations for 2018For anyone looking to narrow down all the incredible places to visit this year, it’s time to add these five spots to the short list. Thankfully, a popular destination in this case doesn’t mean it’s filled with crowds of visitors all fighting for the last spot on a walking tour. These hot spots were chosen because they’re either just starting gain appeal or because they’re going the extra mile.

Exploring Buenos Aeries

Buenos Aeries has taken a lot of steps this year to bring cultures together and to cement their status as a world leader and influencer. Leaders and citizens alike are trying to amplify their public perception on a global scale in everything from art to politics. Hosting the G20, beginning the Youth Olympic games, and providing more support to local artists are all just the start. Visitors this year will have the opportunity to watch this dynamic city continue to unfold around them.

See Archeological Constructions in Jordan

For travelers looking for a bit of a departure from the ordinary, Jordan’s fortresses, landmarks, and archeological wonders are all lying in wait for the curious visitor. Petra’s pink sandstone cliffs entice everyone to put on their rose-colored glasses if only for just a few minutes. This is a chance for travelers to channel their sense of adventure rather than just eating and drinking at yet another four-star restaurant. View a leftover piece of Hadrian’s wall in the city of Jerash or visit a citadel that’s more than 2,000 years old in Petra. In addition to being one of the interesting country’s in the world, Jordan is one of the safest places to visit in the Middle East.

Visit the Archipelago Sea in Finland

One of the most dramatic natural shorelines in the world, the Archipelago Sea in Finland is the largest one of its kind. While this spot used has been traditionally visited by its countrymen rather than by tourists, the tides are starting to shift ever so slightly. Transportation to this area has improved, and so has lodging and dining destinations. In this case, the word ‘popular’ is a relative term because most tourists are still favoring Helsinki and Lapland.

Go on a Safari in Zambia

Those who have been on safari before may not want to assume they’ve seen and heard it all. Zambia boasts some of the best guides in the business alongside a thriving ecosystem of lions, wildebeests, antelopes, and hyenas. Visitors can even stay at a safari lodge in Liuwa Plain National Park that overlooks a popular watering hole for the many thirsty animals of the plains. Visitors may even catch thousands of wildebeest migrating across the land in search of fertile lands.

Explore New Spice Flavors in Grenada

With so many nutmeg plantations dotting the country, it’s certainly earned its reputation as the Spice Isle. Grenada is often overlooked by tourists for its more popular Caribbean cousins, but it may not stay that way for long. Right now though, visitors won’t have to fight their way through crowds to wander through its rainforests, beaches, and dining hot spots. Visitors can expect their stay to be filled with friendly locals, delicious cuisine, and plenty of things to see and do.

Learning about the top travel destinations isn’t a matter of jumping on a bandwagon, but a chance to unearth a new place that can bring your love of travel to new heights. For anyone looking for that experience, all of these spots manage to fit the bill.