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The main focus of any museum should be education, and helping the public – especially our youth -- learn about and experience new things, perhaps even in a new way.  This has is a significant part of the AMERICAN WINGS AIR MUSEUM (AWAM) over the years.

From tours for scout and other school age groups to groups of seniors, and from providing a secure meeting place for youth groups to allowing young and old alike to volunteer at the museum to learn about various museum functions, AWAM is dedicated to providing opportunities for everyone to learn new information and skills and use what they already have to benefit others.

Scout groups of all ages are regular visitors to AWAM, each receiving an individualized tour and (in most cases) class-room instruction including aviation related vocational information.  Merit badge programs are also available from qualified museum volunteers.

The hour-long tours of the AWAM aircraft and memorabilia displays helps everyone, regardless of their age, learn not only the history of the display aircraft but how airplanes fly, navigate and what it was like to fly them. Our collection of unique aircraft spans the development of aviation -- from the museum’s Wright Flyer replica to current day jet aircraft.

The broad spectrum of the AWAM displaysprovide superb learning potential.

With a variety of engine types – from an operating 1917 rotary engine to modern turbo jets – our docents help people understand engine development and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Memorabilia and displays from World War I to the Gulf War, and especially the two aircraft cockpits available for everyone to sit in, stimulate the imagination... and questions about the science of flight.
And because AWAM is a working museum, with various aircraft on display being actively restored or inspected, with panels open to view the insides – wires, tubes and everything else – our visitors experience many things which are simply not available at other museums.  “Touch and feel” is a key part of our visitor’s time on the floor – although there are some display aircraft which are too old and fragile to have such personal contact.   

This approach also gives visitors the singular opportunity to talk with the mechanics, metal workers and other volunteers actually performing the work, and to learn about the training and talents they have in order to do this type of work. 

AWAM volunteers represent a broad variety of vocations and disciplines, from male and female professional pilots and aviation mechanics, to history majors and retired computer programmers – each with an undying love of aviation and a willingness to share that love with our visitors.  What better way is there to learn!

To schedule a tour for your group, whether young (over 5 years old is recommended) or old, contact us at 763-786-4146 or by E-mail:  Special group rates are available with prior reservations.

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