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About AWAM
American Wings Air Museum was formed by Mike Langer and others for the exclusive purpose of preserving and promoting military aviation's role in the technological advances made during the history of flight.

The museum and its Association of members have chosen to focus their interest in trainers, FACs, gunships and photo reconnaissance aircraft, and the roles these aircraft played in the military.

The museumís Cessna T-41 is representative of the trainer aspect of the program; Forward Air Control (FAC) is represented by a 1969 Cessna O-1E BirdDog, and an O-2, both under restoration to Viet Nam era configurations. Gunship and photo reconnaissance capabilities are combined in the Grumman OV-1 Mohawk, which served in both capacities during the Viet Nam conflict.

AWAM has the largest civilian collection of OV-1 Mohawk aircraft and parts. The museum presently has several Mohawks, one of which is under restoration as a flying example of a JOV-1A gunship. Another will be a flying example of the photo reconnaissance capabilities of this aircraft. Other Mohawks will be used as static displays, including an OV-1B and JOV-1C SEAMORE aircraft. Each version made by Grumman is represented in the collection.

In each case, the museum displays supporting material unique to the mission of each aircraft: armament, gunsights, radios, aerial cameras, load adjusters and other equipment.

A significant part of the museum's interests, activities and resources are dedicated to establishing the museum as a leading authority on the OV-1 Mohawk, and its role in military aviation. This goal has been supported and encouraged by many individuals and firms, such as the Grumman Aerospace Corporation, and military personnel located at Fort Hood, Fort Eustis, Hunter AAF, Dobbins AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB and Fort Huachuca.

The April '95 issue of EAA Warbirds magazine featured one of our Mohawks on the front cover. (Photo by Erik Hildebrandt)

AWAM Mission Statement

American Wings Air Museum is dedicated to restoring and promoting the role of military aviation and the technological advances benefiting humanity by:

  • Restoring and preserving the aircraft which have contributed to these advances.
  • Aerospace education for young and old alike through static and flying displays.

American Wings Air Museum has won awards two years in a row at the annual EAA fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In 1995 our OV-1 Super-C won the EAA "Most Authentic Warbird" award. And, in 1996 our OV-1D won the EAA "Most Authentic Warbird" award.

You can help continue the acquisition and preservation of artifacts and aircraft pertinent to the goals and interests of the Association, as a member of the American Wings Air Museum Association. And, you can also help by becoming an American Wings volunteer.

Our Mohawk OV-1 Super C as shown in WARBIRDS International, Feb. 1998. (Photo by Michael O'Leary).


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