05 Apr 2018

5 Best Places to Backpack Around the World

Where to Go Backpacking Around the WorldBackpacking can be one of the most freeing activities anyone can do, as hikers shed off everything in their regular lives that are holding them back. But there’s no denying that some places are simply better than others when it comes to what backpackers will find when they reach their destination. For the best in views and to gain a slightly different perspective of the world, try one of these five countries as soon as possible.

Visit Jungles and Mayan Cities in Nicaragua

This country pops up as one of the best for both beginner and hard-core backpackers alike. A perfect choice for backpackers interested in seeing nature, it’s Nicaragua is full of volcanoes, jungles, and ancient Mayan cities. Backpackers love Nicaragua because it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also one of the least expensive places a person can travel. Food and lodging can all be obtained on even the tightest of budgets. Plus, the people are friendly and the country is safe.

Visit Natural Wonders in Turkey

Backpacking is a lot of work at the end of the day, especially considering how much time it takes to set up (and take down) all that gear. Even the most experienced of people sometimes want a break from it all! With the many caves in Turkey, backpackers only have to lay down their sleeping bag to get some rest. The topography of the country is varied enough that hikers will always have something interesting to look at, and it’s a country that certainly won’t strain anyone’s budget either.

Visit Mountains and Teahouses in Nepal

This tiny country is famous for its majestic peaks, but luckily backpackers don’t necessarily need to know how to survive at close to 30,000 feet above sea level. Nepal is perfect for anyone who’s reasonably fit and who also enjoys a little bit of glamour in their daily trek. Known for their teahouses, backpackers will find plenty of delicious food to eat practically any time they want—all without costing them an arm and a leg.

Visit Coastal Cities in Albania

For those who may not have the money to make it through the more well-known spots in Europe, Albania has some terrific coastal views, delicious food, and fabulous coffee just waiting to be discovered. Albania has been heavily influenced over the course of history by practically every other major country in Europe, which means backpackers have a chance to experience a melting pot of cultures. Those who go are particularly enamored with the hidden beaches, historic ruins, and stunning architecture.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

This country is larger than life, so this one is generally recommended for serious trekkers who have a lot of time to devote. From Perth to the Great Barrier Reef, it can be overwhelming for the first-timer. What’s nice about Australia is that it’s very welcoming to tourists (if only to catch the trade), which can make getting around and seeing everything in one particular place a breeze. It might be best to pick one area, and really get to know it.

Backpacking may be more effort than a luxury cruise, but it’s the extra work that makes the trip so rewarding. While there’s always going to be an element of risk when heading into the great wide open, travelers of all kinds swear by these destinations for their beauty, friendliness, and budget-friendly accommodations. Whether a backpacker is just getting started or looking to cross off the last 10 countries on their list, they really can’t go wrong exploring one of these five favorites.